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sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2018

Clivilles & Cole - Greatest Remixes Vol. 1!WWwyEISC!YEbwPSoPfqPhaDYu7ZvPBw

1."C&C Music Factory MTV "Medley"" – C+C Music Factory
2."Because of You" – The Cover Girls
3."Don't Take Your Love Away" – Lydia Lee Love
4."Two to Make It Right" – Seduction
5."Pride (In the Name of Love)" [Techno House Version] – Clivillés + Cole
6."Let the Beat Hit 'Em" – Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
7."Mind Your Business" – Clivillés + Cole
8."You Take My Breath Away" – David Cole
9."A Deeper Love" – Clivillés + Cole (lead vocals by Deborah Cooper)
10."Clouds" – Chaka Khan
11."True Love" – Billy
12."Notice Me" – Sandeé
13."Do It Properly" – Two Puerto Ricans, A Black Man & A Dominican


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